Offers, commissions, orders - our e-commerce system is specifically tailored to your machine.

Simple, secure, transparent!

As a customer, you can use our service portal's e-commerce system to get current prices, create individual offers and order the right spare parts for your machine online at any time and from anywhere.

Anytime, Anywhere

Today, continuous reachability and availability on smartphones, tablets, nootebooks or desktop PCs are naturally expected from a globally operating supplier. However, myOerlikon.com offers significantly more than this within its e-commerce module. You have access to current prices and the worldwide inventory of our Neumag and Barmag products from anywhere and at any time. This applies to both the inventory of the production locations and the numerous service centres.

Custom offers

The most custom-tailored to your needs offers possible! The e-commerce system from myOerlikon.com gives you the opportunity of creating your offers entirely on your own, independent of our business hours and without stress. While doing so, you have the option (even afterwards) of adjusting the number of items within the offer and recalculating it in real time.

Order management

The order management within the e-commerce module from myOerlikon.com allows unrestricted access to all your offers and orders from the past four years. This applies to all transactions - even those which were not made online. All documents for original parts, modifications or modernisations are available to you including the respective item details. This allows you to design your order procedures in a simpler way and optimise your cost management.

Order and offer tracking

Complete overview of your current transactions: The status and current offers and orders are integrated into the order management. This allows you to schedule retooling precisely and reduce machine down times.