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Whether technical data, training courses or current and individual offers - you will find all relevant data here, specific to your machine and needs.

Machinery dashboard

The machinery dashboard is the core of the service portal. We collect all information on your machine or plant and make it available to you in a clear and straightforward way. Get all the most up-to-date relevant data conveniently, with just a few clicks.
From the machinery dashboard you can call-up all current information in a clear and simple manner. This includes:


To ensure the perfect operation of your plants, get all the information about all our services here:

In the 'Training' section, we provide information for training offers that are specifically tailored to your products and machine portfolio.
The service platform provides basic technical assistance to registered users. In particular, testing of known or new raw materials can be requested in the form of customer trials. Share the professional know-how within the continuously updated knowledge databases, and thereby generate real added value with your existing machinery.