How to

Easy as could be - this is how you use our Service-Portal.

Simple, secure, transparent

We have designed our service portal so that it is easy to use for our customers worldwide. The technical requirements have been purposely kept simple.


All you need to use our service portal is a PC, laptop or smartphone with access to the Internet.

Software requirements

The website is best displayed with a screen resolution of at least 1024x768 pixels. The amount is browser-dependent and the address and tool bar vary depending on the settings.

If the website is started under low resolution or in a window that has not been maximised, the page contents at the right and lower edge can be made visible via scrolling.


You haven´t registered for a personal login yet? Registration is just as easy as using the service portal.
Fill out the online registration form and send it to us over the internet - the service team takes care of everything else for you.
You will promptly receive your access data and can then immediately take advantage of the portal benefits.



Further information can be found in our fact sheet, which is available for download as a PDF:


In order to use the E-Learning Tool, the Flash plugin of at least version 6 must be installed in your browser. Furthermore, the tool opens in a new window. If a popup blocker is set up in your browser, please turn it off.
If the window did not automatically open, you can also alternatively click on the following text link:

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